Introduction to
Real World Cryptography

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RWC Study Group


This ZK Study Group will be dedicated to helping others get started on their journey to modern cryptography and zero-knowledge on the blockchain.


The primary resource and guide for the first series will be David Wong’s Real World Cryptography, 2nd edition.

The target audience is anyone who would like to learn about modern cryptography from scratch, or anyone who has already begun their journey, but would like to refresh on core concepts.

Estimated time commitment to actively participate is 4-8 hours per week, or 8-16 hours per chapter.

The study group aims to split its time between book study, and practical implementation, approximately 1 week for each. That said, the group itself will determine the final pace and priorities as it prefers.

Participants are encouraged to actively contribute questions, answers, code, notes, examples, challenges in the discord group chat, and during meetups as they make their way through the materials.

Don’t forget to introduce yourself to the group and let us know what you hope to get from following along

The group is encouraged to invite guest speakers to provide additional content for the group to study, discuss and learn from. Guest appearances are ‘best effort’, and will be managed by the group as a whole.

Additional links and resources will be added to this repository as the study group evolves.

Lesson Plan

  1. Overview
  2. Hash Functions
  3. Message Auth Codes : Coming Soon!

Getting started

  1. Join the group on the ZK HACK Discord server
  2. Mark your meet-up time preference (see pinned comment)
  3. Clone this repository
  4. Prepare your development environment
  5. Learn and build
  6. Share your questions/answers/code/exercises/ideas with the group
  7. Send pull requests for anything you’d like to include permanently in the lesson plan for future learners

Organized by Chris Ward (ZK Chris) Part of ZK HACK